General Introduction

So, what is management of the hospitalized diabetic patient?.  As you will learn, this generally means taking care of a patient admitted to the hospital with diabetes as a secondary diagnosis.  These patients are admitted for coronary artery bypass surgery, pneumonia, or any and all sorts of primary diagnoses.  In the past, their diabetes has been not only a secondary diagnosis, but more often than not, a distant secondary thought. 

As will be presented, you will learn about the new evidence showing that paying attention to the glucose levels in these patients and keeping their glucoses in control does make a difference in the outcomes for our patients. 


What is Inpatient Diabetes Care?


Diabetes as a Secondary Diagnosis

In this Introduction Section, you can catch up on some basics on diabetes:  definition, epidemiology, diagnosis and the different types.  If you are not up to date in these areas, spend just a few minutes and catch up.  Continue on through the section on Metabolic consequences of surgery, then return to the general course contents and move on to the goals section.