In the section, I present a basic approach to management of the hospitalized diabetic patient.  The information you have learned in the previous sections is now pulled  together.  There is no simple way to approach all patients and many experts have different approaches to these problems.  The approach presented in this section will help you obtain appropriate glucose control in most of your patients.  A few clinical examples are offered to demonstrate how to use this information.

In this section:

First You need to review what has been the "standard" way diabetes has been managed in the hospital, and see why this system has failed.


Basic approaches for patients for:

bulletPatients who are NPO (who have been on insulin and/or oral agents)
bulletPatients who are eating (who have been on insulin and/or oral agents)
bulletTransition from NPO to eating
bulletPatients who are receiving hyperalimentation.
bulletPatients NPO for Short Procedures

Guides for the following special situations are offered:

bulletPatients on glucocorticoids